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Dr. Lisa Pray, D.C.

Chiropractic pediatrics

Prenatal chiropractic care 

Massage therapy- Most half hour massages are covered by your insurance. Call for an appointment. 



I was told I may need neck surgery but after getting adjusted by Dr. Pray and doing cervical traction the numbness and tingling in my hands stopped. I'm so grateful. Sarah W.

I was referred to Dr. Pray by my friend who had used her during her pregnancy. I was in my second trimester and having lots of back pain. I felt as though my birth was going to be awful since my pregnancy was so painful. My back relieved pretty quickly but I was surprised that many of my other symptoms relieved as well. I never knew having a good functioning nervous system could help me feel so much better. I actually got the birth I had been praying for! Kara S.

I started going to Dr. Pray during my first pregnancy. I heard it would help with labor and back pain. It changed my whole idea of pregnancy and health in general. She made me feel so much better. I rarely had any discomfort, I actually GAINED flexibility. Oh yes and my labor was only 6 hours long. Jennifer B.

I was suffering with debilitating headaches for years, on numerous medications and missed a lot of work. My sister kept telling me to try chiropractic but I was skeptical. I decided to give Dr. Pray a try. My headaches were completely gone within 2 months. I still occasionally get them but then I just get adjusted and it doesn't last. Lisa L.

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